“If You Really Want To Quit Smoking, There’s Just TWO Steps To Doing It Successfully.

This Book Takes You Through Them And Shows You How You Can Stop Smoking Easily Today…”



This Book Explains How Fear Can Stop You From Even Trying To Quit!

Afraid That  It Will Be Difficult and  Unpleasant.

But After You Read This, It Won’t Be.

And The Fears That Were Stopping You Will Be Gone.



You’ve Always Had Lots Of Reasons To Quit, But None Of Them Have Ever Given You

A Good Enough INCENTIVE To Make Quitting Easy.

This Book Changes All That.

For over 15 years I have enjoyed watching smokers quit immediately and successfully with this exact method . From casual smokers to lifetime smokers on 80 a day, all becoming non-smokers immediately and happily.

When I was starting out as a Hypnotherapist, an essential to success in that business was being able to help smokers to quit. I was taught how to do it with Hypnosis, but it wasn’t working as well as they’d said it would. It was still one of the best methods around, but my goal was to find a way that worked for everyone, once they WANTED to quit.

So straight away here, if you don’t really want to quit smoking, this may not be for you right now. Don’t waste any more of your time reading further. But if you do, read on…

 Back during that time, as a trainee therapist, I had heard of an elderly retired surgeon in his 90’s, who lived in an old castle in the Irish countryside and was still seeing patients to help them to quit smoking using “Hypnosis”. Through a good friend, I got an appointment to meet him where he lived. Visiting him was like traveling into a different world. And I didn’t realise at the time, that this was going to be life changing for me and was the beginnings of unlocking the last secrets to an effective and very successful quit smoking method.

People traveled from all over the country to his impressive home to see “Dr. Jack”. Throughout his career as a surgeon he had seen at first hand the damage that smoking does to the human body. And becuase of this, he worked right up until the day that he died.  Saving people from cigarettes was his crusade. (And now I have dedicated this book to his memory).

He sold old cassette and vinyl recordings of his quit smoking sessions to people who could not come to see him personally. Because he wanted as many people as possible to find out that smoking is NOT a life sentence. He wanted to save as many as possible from it’s damaging effects. His recordings outsold The Beatles in Ireland at one point in the 1960’s! Even some people who only accidentally overheard these recordings found themselves not smoking!!

When I went to meet him to learn how he did this, he was careful and he “interviewed” me first. We walked in the beautiful castle gardens and he spoke with me for hours to find out WHY I wanted to learn. He had taught others before who turned out to be ONLY interested in personal financial gain and not in helping as many people as possible. When he realised that my interest lay in wanting to help people to change their lives and to save them from the medical future that he had seen, only then did he begin to teach me his methods.

Back then, like me now, it really frustrated him that the only thing that kept people addicted to smoking was a lack of knowledge.

So, in this new age of the Internet, I am proud to humbly continue his crusade. And he would be amazed and delighted to see to how many people we can now bring this knowledge, using the Internet and modern eBooks.

He knew smoking was a psychological addiction, he knew that it wasn’t about nicotine. We both knew that it wasn’t the “Hypnosis” that was working. It was the psychology that he explained while his patients were relaxed and listening to him that was really working. So he was very interested in the Psychology that I was studying at the time. And when I was able to explain to him why and how what he did was working, he was fascinated. And then I saw ways to structure these methods, to improve them and to update them with the latest discoveries in Psychology.

As new Quit Smoking methods came along, I studied them also. I read all of the books and tried their methods with my own thousands of private clients. They all seemed to work with some people and not with others. And then there were the people that none of them could help!

I began to take what worked from each method and discard what was nonsense. Some of the methods were doomed from the start, because they were all about nicotine. And it’s not about nicotine, it is about YOU!

Like everything that gets modernised it got smaller and shorter and simpler. Until it came down to just Two Steps. And as we also know, as things are simplified and modernised they become more reliable. I now have a stop smoking formula that has just two parts and works for over 95% of my private clients.

Anybody who tells you that something works for all of the people all of the time is not being totally honest. But the factor that affects the results of this method the most, is your desire to quit. If you really want to quit, this will make it not only possible, but easy, simple and painless. Even if you believe that you have no willpower or that you’ve tried everything before!

But, if you are like every one of the thousands of smokers that I have helped to quit permanently and easily, you really do want to quit. And you would love to know these last two steps and how to take them.

So, I have written a book that very quickly takes you through these two steps.

So that YOU can quit easily… TODAY, if you want to!

If we remove the Fear Factor and then give you something that makes it really worth stopping smoking right now,   you can immediately say goodbye to…































And this is a book that you can read in less than a day.

That makes it easy for you to stop smoking straight away, permanently!

And ends your years of slavery to Nicotine.

This is your opportunity to take back control of your life and be free, proud, healthy and relaxed.

Find out how you can REALLY ENJOY being smoke free.

You will be amazed at how easy it really is to quit smoking… when you know how.

And THAT is the trick… knowing how! Because, as you already know, it IS difficult to quit… if you do it the wrong way.

And I guess you want to know how to do it the right way?

I can show you how to do it PERMANENTLY, right now.

(Also, by doing it the RIGHT way, there is no weight gain!)

“You cannot calculate how much it will cost in future medical bills and pain and suffering for your family and those you love if you continue smoking.”

How long have you got before you do irreparable damage to your health?

Stop now and give your body the chance to recover and to have the future, health and lifestyle of someone who has never smoked.

Imagine feeling…


A Real Sense of Achievement






More Energetic




More Attractive






Able To Breathe Easier


Fresh Air In Your Lungs


Relaxed and Confident


Admired by Your Friends and Family


Better Off Financially


Able to Enjoy Life

… And Living Longer To Enjoy All Of This!

The longer you smoke, the more damage you are doing to your health.

And you are leaving yourself less time to recover, before you develop a fatal disease or some other unpleasant condition.

You already have the main thing that you need to succeed…YOU WANT TO QUIT.

So, wouldn’t it be nice to put past failures behind you and begin a new life as a permanent non-smoker right now?

And finally feel the relief of doing it while YOU STILL FEEL STRONG.

No more gimmicks, no more wasting money on vaping, patches, gum or tablets that don’t work.

(And, by the way, this book will also explain why they don’t work).

You could be living your new life as a non-smoker TODAY.

You could wake up tomorrow feeling rested and fresh, clean and bright, full of life and energy, breathing easily and comfortably, feeling confident around others and very soon, looking 10 years younger!

This is your chance to feel free, healthy and proud of yourself RIGHT NOW.

Others will immediately notice the change in you and how much better and more attractive you look. And when people get close, you will feel confident, knowing that you look, smell and feel clean, fresh and healthy, inside and out.

Do you really want to end up with a smelly smoker as your partner?

Do attractive, healthy potential partners want to end up with you?!

Open yourself up to all the gorgeous, positive, healthy, clean, fit, sexy, youthful and energetic non-smokers who are waiting and available out there.

This works! No matter…

How long you’ve been smoking…

How many you smoke a day…

How many times you tried to quit before…

Why you think you are smoking…

What age you are…

Your state of health…

Your education…

Or even whether or not you believe in this…!

Imagine for a moment… in just one day, smoking being a thing of the past, feeling that great peace of mind that you’ve always wanted and enjoying a better quality of life straight away.

“There are no mysteries in this book. No magic or “hocus-pocus”.

You will understand everything, because it is just common sense.  You will “get” it straight away.

I have had continuous success with thousands of clients using this method for years.

I have had years of success because this makes sense, perfect sense. It is knowledge that will give YOU back POWER over your own life.

Because you will understand everything immediately, this will cause an immediate change in you.

And because you will never forget what you have learned, this change will be permanent.

Remember when you found out about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy?

You could never think about them or believe the things you used to believe about them ever again, right?

This is exactly the same!

Now you will be able to change what you believe about smoking forever too. And you will never be able to think or feel the way you used to about it ever again.

And it couldn’t be easier.

Here’s what to do… download the eBook to your computer, tablet, phone or reader.

Relax for a while and… just read.



I’ve done all of the work for you.

I have put years of success, experience and learning into less than one day of your time.

You get it all in just a couple of clicks of your mouse, or taps on your phone.

There is no study, there’s no further “homework” or “exercises”. No thinking.

It’s is ALL done for you.

This book is unique, because it changes your thinking about smoking for you.

And it unlocks the willpower you always needed to stop.

And because it will all make perfect sense to you, you will be confident of NEVER SMOKING AGAIN.

I know how to explain the process to you in a way that you will understand and that will “click” with you immediately. Because…


And I have done this thousands of times previously.

This has been developed, tried, tested and proven successful with thousands of other real live smokers just like you.

So you don’t need to believe in anything. This does not depend on any particular technique. It applies to everyone. And when you understand it, you can make this knowledge work for you too.

It is actually the same psychology that made you a smoker in the first place.

So you already know how to put it into practice.

You will have all of the willpower you need straight away which will make it easy for you to be a non-smoker, permanently.

In fact, you’ll probably start using your new inner strength to improve other areas of your life also.

And in the free bonus book that I am including with this book, while this current offer lasts, I am giving you some knowledge on how to do that too.

So do it now. Strike while the iron is hot!

You have not found this page accidentally. Part of you really wants to stop smoking NOW.

And if you DO IT NOW you will feel better straight away and feel so good that you will very quickly forget you ever smoked.



And you will succeed this time by acting right now.

Why wait?

This exact method has helped thousands of my own personal clients, in just one session chatting face-to-face.

It has helped THOUSANDS of other people to stop smoking PERMANENTLY with NO SIDE EFFECTS .

It couldn’t be simpler. A couple of screen taps or mouse clicks, one email and less than ONE DAY of your time to change your life forever.

At the end of it, you will be wondering why you ever wanted to smoke.

Obviously this book is not quite the same as actually sitting in a room with me, in a one-to-one session. I have to admit that. But I charge over $300 to spend 90 minutes with my clients one-on-one. And most times, they have to wait weeks for an appointment.

In this short book you will read EXACTLY what they hear sitting with me in my VERY successful one-on-one Quit Smoking Sessions.

After that, 95% of them NEVER SMOKE AGAIN. They leave feeling…





full of life








…and free!


Because I am currently busy with my own clients, I cannot travel to bring this method around the world to other people. So I am offering this to you here in a way and at a cost, (less than the price of a few packs of cigarettes!), that is easily affordable.

My successful clients ALWAYS recover the cost of their session in very little time.

How much would you save per day, per week, per month, if you were not smoking?

(And that’s before we include your medical bills!!)

How quickly will you recover $8.25 when you stop smoking?

A couple of days?

How much extra will you have in your pocket in a year’s time?

I hope to bring this method personally around the world very soon and teach other therapists how to do it. And when I can do that, I will no longer be making this offer on-line.

The cost for this information will be going back to $300.

People will have to wait to see me in groups and the book will only be available at those events.

The vast majority of my clients consider it $300 very well spent. And also $400 that they recover in a matter of weeks.

People who quit smoking  save on average about $3,000 a year!

I am offering all of this to you NOW for $7.99. (Reduced from $14.25). And I am also including a free coaching guide to help you begin to make the most of your new freedom.

Many colleagues have told me that I should be charging more here for EXACTLY THE SAME THING!

(So I’m going to think about that one over the next few weeks).

But for the moment, while I cannot travel, I want it to be available to as many people as possible who want to stop smoking right now.

And I know that that’s what “Dr. Jack” would have wanted too.

My clients tell me that at $300 it is money very well, (and only temporarily), spent.

So, how do you feel about temporarily investing $7.99 in your own health and happiness while you have the chance?

(By stopping smoking, you make it back in the money you save).

My personal clients reckon that $300 would be a fair price  on-line too.

Because you get the very same information that allowed them to quit.

So grab the chance while it’s available to you.

You may be one of the those telling others how lucky you were to get in while this offer lasted.

Share it with your friends, unless you want them yelling at you for snapping this up and not telling them!

They will be asking how you did it anyway, when you’re telling them that you no longer smoke.

If you are not committed to giving up smoking, nobody can help you.

If you are not willing to put up the price of a couple of packs of cigarettes from your side, then I seriously doubt your commitment and this probably isn’t for you.

But, if you are serious, you are now just one more click away from this great opportunity to do it easier than you could have ever imagined.

Do yourself this favour.

I’d wish you luck…except you won’t need luck. This works, go for it!

With all of my support,

Kieran Fitzpatrick

Author – 2 Steps 2 Quit 2 Day

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You keep the books and hopefully some day use them later when you decide to quit.

So that’s it, I’m giving you the opportunity to quit smoking permanently and easily in one day today for less than $10. And for a limited period only,  I am also including a Ten Step eBook to achieving goals, ambitions and dreams even during a crisis.

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I hate spam just as much as you do.

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